Riviera Radio

  • Evening Update 07 Dec 07 Dec 2018

    There was another large march by students in Nice this morning, causing disruption from Place Massena to la gare and back to Place Garibaldi. Near Paris, photos of students on their knees, with their hands on their heads, surrounded by riot ... ....

  • French and Riviera News Friday 7th December 2018 07 Dec 2018

    Students across the region have announced further demonstrations today in Nice, Antibes and Grasse. Authorities have said that secondary schools will remain open for as long as the safety of fellow students can be guaranteed.

  • Evening Update 06 December 06 Dec 2018

    Thirty students are in custody after demonstrations led to violent clashes with police in Nice, Cannes and Hyères this morning. One of the students in Nice was carrying a can of petrol, while a couple in Cannes set ... ...

  • French and Riviera News Thursday 6th December 2018 06 Dec 2018

    High school students have continued to demonstrate across France with outbreaks of violence as the protests look set to continue in the coming days.

  • Evening Update 05 December 05 Dec 2018

    With a risk of more violence looming this weekend, President Macron has appealed to all political and union leaders, to call for calm within the yellow vest movement. He said the movement is no longer a political movement against government, but agai...

  • Local businesses in Nice call for meeting 05 Dec 2018

    Shopkeepers and businesses in Nice have warned that the "Yellow Vest" movement is having a serious affect on business.

  • Yellow Vest block access to Carrefour in Antibes 05 Dec 2018

    Since 5 o'clock this morning, the "yellow vest" movement has blocked access to the Carrefour in Antibes.

  • French and Riviera News Wednesday 5th December 2018 05 Dec 2018

    The French government has announced several measures described as being in the interest of the “unity of the Nation” following recent protests from the “yellow vest” movement.

  • Evening Update 04 December 04 Dec 2018

    Fuel tax rises, which have led to weeks of violent protest across France, have been suspended for six months. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also announced a suspension on ...

  • Fuel tax 04 Dec 2018

    Following a meeting with MP’s this morning the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe plans to suspend the rise on fuel tax.