Exhibitions and participation in gastronomic fairs
Food industry themed events

Tasting events
Italy Food has much experience in this field and can help food producers who want to
participate in or organize the most appropriate event for their needs. These events help
producers to develop their activities in international markets and particularly in Monaco
and on the Cote d’Azur.

IF will guide you towards the type of event which is most suitable, taking into account the
budget and the number of participants.
These events allow a direct contact with the public, spectators, buyers, consumers and help
in an innovative way to get the public and the producer together without intermediaries.

Culinary Tasting Events

The culinary events in which IF mainly participates in the Principality of Monaco and the
Côte d'Azur represent a lever of communication that allows direct (face-to-face) contact
between internal audiences, dealers, consumers or spectators, and Italian food producers,
in order to transmit in an innovative way, without intermediaries, the taste, the quality of
the same products to a wider world.

Italy Food helps clients who wish to participate in food fairs and meet new buyers.

Exhibition and participation in gastronomy fairs

Italy Food assists its customers in participating in trade shows and gastronomic offers
throughout its organization to better meet the needs of customers to meet.