IF is dedicated to the commercial development of food products and offers different services.

Marketing and advertising

Italy Food is presented to stakeholders as a reference point for the Italian manufacturer of our food products for the international markets. Its philosophy is to assist its customers through proper planning to define the goals. After a proper analysis it define an appropriate strategy targeted actions and adequate publicity, you will experience the results.


Italy Food through its qualified partners in the industry, is in charge of global communications, both in advertising and in public relations.


Social Media is an amazing tool. However, it needs to be wielded in the right way. There's no point posting your booking link to your social media pages three times a day to the same audience. It's ineffective and will lose you fans QUICKLY! Social media platforms are all special little snowflakes. They all have their own advantages, disadvantages, quirks and perks. Therefore, it's important that you use them all in different ways to squeeze the most out of them. Allow people to get to know you and tell them a story about the preparation for your night. Keep it short and use lots of mouth-watering photos to help engage people in your journey.


Get as much coverage as you can for your event: your blog, someone else’s blog, a relevant publication – anyone who would share your interest and have a similar user-base...


Develop identifiable branding for your Company, for your event and maybe even for your products (and future projects). This way people interested in your work can associate your marketing materials directly with your projects. Branding can also help convey character, business ethos and the aims of your project to audiences, whilst also giving a visual insight into your style and approach.


Consider creating a website. This will be your online portfolio of photos, news, events + blogs. Using blog posts, as well showcase photos, reviews and recipes. You could also create newsletters to let people know about new events and news all through Club IF. Creating a website isn't hard! Our partner Web Samba is to your disposal for helping you.