- Advertising for Producers and Entrepreneurs

Marketing Strategy and Advice

Advertising forms part of the global culture, eastern and western. This trend started to gain in importance in the 20th century and particularly from 1960 when industry began to change, marketing began to appear and advertising became all-important. Every enterprise today has an advertising budget to make itself known to the public and make an impression on their minds, and ultimately to sell. Advertising is a vital weapon; its power has gained more and more importance and a business cannot do without it; it is a necessary pillar in our consumer society.

Advertising must make the target consumer:

• feel the need for the new product
• increase his spending power

This will then:

• increase markets
• create competition between the producers / manufacturers

Advertising must be of the top quality to attract the target public.The manufacturer must not only be an instrument of production but one of providing pleasure and satisfaction to the consumer.

Advertising allows us to:

• Make a product or a service known
• Promote the brand and the image
• Persuade the public to buy it

When a new product is launched the advertising contributes to half the sales.

Advertising communication

Advertising is part of the general communication system. The volume of information is measured through the expansion of the means of dissemination; the new information and communication technologies bring together communication techniques linked to:
• computer science, audiovisual, net, multimedia, telecommunications, which allow users to communicate, publicize and disseminate information with: Document, texts, Image, video, music, .........